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Happy ending

I don’t have soo much to say but i wanna write a few things so i can cool down before i go to sleep, i don’t wanna think too much about it over my bed.
I’ve done nothing wrong so i don’t have to feel guilty because i am not. You know when you complaint about something that some one else did the wrong way, then magically it turns against you like you don’t even know why but at first you were complaining and suddenly they complaint about you.

Why is so hard for people to accept when they did something wrong? It’s not like world is gonna end if they do so, I know most people dont like being discovered but as i said before nothing is going to happen if we do accept our mistakes.
When people feels caught they use to fight back with anything they have like if you’re fighting with your girlfriend about someone else she/he will go like “If you dont trust me why are you dating me”? shit i hate this people cause it is so simple if i am dating her of course i trust her but i am not stupid if she lost my trust well shes go to get it back it ain’t my problem… or is it?


It is always me

You know when you do something bad you expect some complaint about it, but what happen when you didn’t do anything right or wrong and yet you get a complaint…

that sucks, isn’t it?


No matter what

You know when you expect something to be what you always wanted and when it happens it just isn’t…

Well i cannot say what is happening to me is not what i wanted, in fact i expected it, but i just wanted it to be less hurtful. I have always been known as the romantic smart ass guy who believe no matter what, and i still believe that what i am doing with my life, where it is heading to is the correct place to live, love and be loved.

I will never regreat the fact that we met because somehow you brought me back to life, to live, even though we wouldn’t end up together i will still not regreat it.